As we come down from the euphoric late comeback at Accrington last night, now seems a better time than ever to recap the first three home games of the season.

3rd August 2019 – Portsmouth

Having built up the grand unveiling of £1000 worth of flags at this fixture, it would be fair to say our project got off to fairly disastrous start after a series of delays meant that our flags had not in fact being delivered in time. Upon learning this fact (at around 10am on the day of the game) we had to take extremely swift action and thanks to the intervention of STFC Supporter Liason Officer Mike Davis we were able to locate an unused box of foil flags from deep within the bowels of New Meadow.

Whilst this was hardly ideal, and opinions on foil flags are, shall we say, “mixed”, in the end, any thoughts of flags were put the back of most peoples minds as a Ryan Giles thunderbolt secured an immediate and unexpected first win of the season in front an atmosphere which we hope is at least partially encapsulated in this short video.

13 August 2019 – Rotherham (League Cup)

Having finally gained possession of all the flags, we decided to reassure people we had not blown the crowdfunded money on holidays by demonstrating a small number of them at the Rotherham League Cup fixture. Such was the quality on the pitch that they were waved for much of the game without a hint of complaint from anybody. It was also a relief to discover that the pipes we had purchased from Wickes (and had to saw in the car-park to fit in the car) were perfectly adept at being used as flagpoles.

We don’t know where the extra “Maguire” came from either!

17 August 2019 – Rochdale

Having gone down The Meadow the day after the Rotherham game to undertake the surprisingly labour intensive task of attaching all 45 new flags to their respective poles, we were all ready to go for the Rochdale game. All the flags were distributed prior to the game and received excellent feedback both in the stands and on social media. Thank you to everybody who got involved.

Happily, as requested, every single flag was left behind in the South Stand following the game, so we are ready for another full display at the Burton game. See you in the South Stand.

Come on You Blues!

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