Crowdfunder smashes target

Since its launch on Friday morning, the response to our crowdfunder has been nothing short of phenomenal. After just three days, we have smashed the intial £500 target, meaning that as of Monday evening, the crowdfunder sits at a hugely impressive £745. Thank you to everybody who has contributed so far.

Our crowdfunder has already smashed its original target

As the crowdfunder still has a full month left to run, we have decided to extend the target to £1000. Unlike the original target, it is not essential for this to be met in order for us to receive the funds, although economies of scale mean that every pound pledged is now having an even greater impact in terms of what we’ll be able to purchase.

We have been in regular contact with the Supporters’ Parliament and Shrewbury Town Football Club and we are delighted with the manner in which both have embraced our project. The club have even featured us in an article on their official website, which can be read at

We will be heading to New Meadow in due course to discuss specifics around what we can do with our project, we will provide an update once we have done this.

Finally, this is a fan-led project so please do let us know if you have any ideas for flags designs, or anything else you think we might be able to help with regarding the atmosphere at home games – we can be contacted at @southstandflags on twitter, or via email at Once again, thank you to all who have contributed. Let’s see if we can hit £1000!

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